19 Excellent Ways to Help Promote Your YouTube Channel

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Gone are the days when people see YouTube as a simple form of entertainment. Now, people use it in various ways, including uploading video tutorials, documentaries, and even as part of their marketing strategy campaigns. 

For starters, YouTube is now the second most-visited site on the internet, with over 1.9 billion users each month. But how do you use it to your advantage?

Undoubtedly, the increasing popularity of video content has resulted in a wave of organizations trying to learn the algorithm behind YouTube channel marketing. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to know a few promotional tactics to your advantage.

To help you gain an advantage, we’ve listed a few effective advertising strategies to accelerate your channel’s growth. 

Write eye-catchy titles

When it comes to YouTube marketing, presentation is everything. Titles can make or break your video’s performance and can even affect your channel’s growth.

The key to writing a compelling title is by learning how to catch your audience’s attention without using any clickbait headlines. Keep in mind that people crave for entertaining content. So, putting up a title that doesn’t reflect the actual content would make them feel like they got cheated. 

 If you look at the most popular channels on YouTube, they often used question-based titles or even hyperbole to get noticed. Using words like “insane, “…” easiest”, etc., is a great way to rack up the views.

 Another way to effectively use titles is by sneaking relevant keywords and make it sound conversational. Not only will it attract visitors, but it’ll work with YouTube’s algorithm, too.

The key takeaway here is to spend time thinking about engaging titles instead of putting whatever concept or idea that you can come up with. Meanwhile, if you want to discuss something in more detail, experts say that the characters per video title should only be between 41 and 70. Others recommend at least 55 characters to create an eye-catchy headline.

Use SEO to your advantage

Another interesting marketing strategy that you should try out is SEO. SEO can help your channel appear at the top pages of search engines, especially on Google. In fact, YouTube videos appear in 70% of Google’s top 100 search results and even appear before websites or traditional blog posts!

So that you can use SEO to your advantage, you need to learn a few best practices to help you succeed:

  • Title and description: Aside from using target keywords in your title, you need to pet them in the descriptions area, too. You can use online tools like to get a few keyword ideas that you will find helpful.
  • Mention the keywords throughout the video: aside from a useful tool for SEO marketing, using target keywords can also help both YouTube and your audience to understand your content better. 
  • Forms of engagement: YouTube engagement isn’t all about having views. Likes and comments matter, too. Prioritizing all these things can help Google determine your ranking in its search results.
  • Categories: You can also use categories to your advantage by helping YouTube get a better understanding of your content and your target audience.
  • Tags: Aside from categories, adding tags to each of your videos can also give YouTube more context about your content. There’s no limit to the number of tags that you can add. So, come up with as many tags as you can.

Understand your audience

Whatever type of content that you produce, you always need to make sure that it fits what your audience wants. One way to do it is by understanding your audience and the type of content that they are expecting from you. 

If you have barely started your YouTube channel, it’s best to observe your competitors and other content creators within your niche. It’s a practical way to get to know your audience and the style of videos that they like.

Another option is by using YouTube Analytics. It’s an informative tool that lets you access more detailed information about your audience, including their demographic and location.

 Learn how to engage with your community

There’s nothing like creating a unique bond with your audience. Although YouTube may look like a video uploading platform, it’s still a social network per se. Users engage with a content creator’s video via likes and comments.

So, interacting with your audience is a great way to create an engagement with them. Even more, it also helps build a stronger connection with them. Even as merely liking and responding to their comment can make them feel special. Answering their questions is also a great way to show that you appreciate them. 

 Create unique thumbnails

Contrary to what most people think, thumbnails are just as important as YouTube titles. It’s also one of the simplest yet effective ways to promote your channel.

Look at your title and thumbnail as a combo punch that’ll help you grab your viewer’s attention. Without any one of them, your videos will become less effective as you hope it would be.

YouTube automatically produces thumbnails for every video by default. However, relying on it can be a problem, as you don’t have any control over it. So, to help you boost views, you need to create a custom thumbnail for every video that you upload.

Creating thumbnails doesn’t have to complicated. You can watch a few tutorials or even create a unique template so that you’ll be more consistent with your branding. To help you with creating one, here are a couple of tips that you can follow:

  •         Resolution: 1280 x 720 px
  •         Format: .GIF, .JPG, .PNG, or .BMP
  •         Size: 2MB
  •         Use images with high contrast
  •         Apply texts and colors to attract the audience
  •         Choose images in a close-up angle
  •         Look for a stock photo if you think it’s better
  •         Stay consistent with your branding

You can start uploading your thumbnail after uploading the video by choosing the custom thumbnail option. Meanwhile, you can go to the Video Manager option if you want to use the existing one from YouTube. Click the Edit for the content that you want to tweak, and then choose Custom thumbnail.

 Learn more about the SERPs

There are so many ways to optimize your channel on YouTube to improve its search ranking. But if you want results that’ll have a lasting effect on your rankings on YouTube, you can always opt to learn the basics of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

Particular Google keyword researches almost certainly produce video results. So, you need to find the right set of keywords that can bring the most video results and then use it to boost your channel’s ranking.

For example, long-form videos and product reviews that cover ‘keyword-specific niche’ tend to rank well on YouTube. That’s because they utilize SERPs effectively by using keywords to their advantage. So, if you want to use any trending buzzword related to your niche, consider figuring out a way to use it for your marketing.

 Running a giveaway or other promos

One of the things that almost every people enjoy is a giveaway. So, consider hosting a YouTube contest or even a giveaway to encourage them to subscribe to your channel.

 Always remember to keep the mechanics as simple as possible so that it won’t confuse your viewers. You can ask them to like a video, leave a comment or even subscribe to your channel for added promotion.

Here are a few rules that you need to take note when running a social media contest:

  •         Read YouTube’s policies before running the contest.
  •         Choose a gift that’s related to your channel if you want to attract people who’re into freebies.
  •         Use your creativity by coming up with promos that can generate content.

However, you need to be cautious when running YouTube contests frequently. It also would be best if you were smart about it by making sure that you get the results that you want to achieve. Otherwise, it’ll only be a lot of wasted time, effort, and money on your part. 

 Try pausing for a while after doing the promo and check your subscriber engagement and drop-off rate data. If you’re not able to attract more people to subscribe to your channel, then you could only be attracting people who want the prizes.

Use call to action to your advantage

Indeed, it’s relatively easy to put a call to action in all your videos. But you need to make sure that whatever call to action statement you use should relate well with your brand. It also has to promote your channel or lead them to click on your website. If not, then your statement did nothing else to make your audience feel engaged with your channel.

 YouTube says that there are four primary types of user action: 

  •         subscribe to the channel
  •         watch a couple more videos
  •         like and share a video
  •         leave a comment

 YouTube allows its content creators to use several of these options within a single video to encourage their audience to take part in any of the following actions:

1. Direct Host-Mentions. It’s a style of video where the hosts talk to the camera and ask their viewers what they want them to do next. You’ll often notice the host telling the audience to let them know their thoughts by leaving a comment below.

2. End-cards. End-cards almost function the same as direct-host mentions. The only difference is that the clip appears at the end of every video and takes up the full-screen footage.

3. Video Descriptions. Video descriptions are another crucial part of any content. It’s where you can put a link that directly goes to your website as well as your social media accounts.

 Learn how to encourage people to embed your videos on-site

When uploading your videos on YouTube, you have the option that allows others to embed your content. Allowing it means that they can re-publish your video and use it on their website, channel, or blog. Thus, helping you gain better exposure. But of course, you still want to have full credit for your video!

So, here are the following steps to help you activate the embed feature:

  1. Go to Video Manager
  2. Move the mouse cursor underneath the video and click Edit
  3. Proceed to Advanced Settings. Ensure that you have the Allow Embedding Option checked.

 Once you’ve done the following steps, other people will find it easier to re-publish your video. The only thing that they need to do is choose the Share button and then copy and paste the link!

 Organize your content

It may seem like it’s unimportant now, but the more that you create videos, the more challenging it’ll be for people to browse through your channel. So, you need to ensure that you start making a playlist as early as now so that things won’t get difficult for you later on. 

Creating a playlist allows you to group your videos into different categories. It helps you organize your channel while making it appealing to your viewers who may want to binge on your channel. 

Another reason why it’s an excellent idea to create a playlist is that it lets all the videos within the playlist run on autoplay as soon as you finish the previous content. It’s an excellent feature, especially since the user doesn’t have to click anything to watch more of your videos.

Using playlists to your advantage can help you gain audiences who are searching for your most viewed videos and those who want to watch more of your content, too. You can also consider putting new keywords in the playlist description for added search opportunities.

Create a new video series regularly

Another way to get people to subscribe to your channel is by giving them fresh content every week with a weekly video series. You can think of a particular topic that your audience will enjoy and then present it every Friday at a specific time. It’s a great way to get more engagement from both new and old followers. Just make sure that it’s entertaining enough to catch their attention.

Remember that consistency can go a long way when it comes to YouTube channel promotion. That’s why it’s vital to create a schedule so that you can get yourself reminded of all the things that you should do each week. 

You need to come up with a catchy title that has the necessary keywords that you need to get yourself ranking. You can even make it more interesting by creating a custom thumbnail that would give your audience a glimpse of how the series will be. 

Consider collaborating with other creators and brands

If you noticed it, some of the most prominent YouTube personalities collaborate to grow their following. That’s because collaborating with other creators and brands gives you exposure to a whole new set of audience. What’s great about it is that these new subscribers are more likely to subscribe to you since you’re already working with the person that they already trust.

One factor that you need to consider when doing a collab is finding the right partner. You want to work with someone who shares the same passion as you have when it comes to creating videos. Doing so will make it much more authentic and likable when seen by viewers. 

Another way to widen your reach is by working with brands. Aside from helping you gain access to a whole lot of viewers; they can also help you create fresh content when you’re already running out of ideas.

Same with collaborating with other content creators, one primary rule when working with a brand is authenticity. It would help if you worked with a brand that reflects your personality and your values as well. 

Utilize YouTube ad campaigns to your advantage

What’s great about the YouTube platform is that ads aren’t limited to external companies alone. Even content creators and brands who have accounts on the said platform can run ads as part of their marketing strategy. Here are a few ad formats that you can consider:

Display ads: ad campaigns that appear on the right part of the video’s sidebar. It only appears on a desktop.

Overlay ads: semi-transparent ad campaigns displayed at the lower part of every video. Similar to display ads, this type of format is only available on a desktop.

Skippable/non-skippable video ads: these are ads that show up at any part of the video, mainly the before, during, or after the content gets played. Viewers can skip the skippable ads after 5 seconds, while they need to watch non-skippable ads entirely before they get to watch the content.

Bumper ads: it’s another type of non-skippable ads that viewers need to watch before they can move on to the actual content. This kind of ad format only lasts for a maximum of six seconds.

Sponsored cards: unlike the other ad formats on the list, sponsored cards get displayed within relevant media content. You can use them to either promote your products or use them for advertising other content.

Use other forms of social media

There are other ways to help get your content out aside from YouTube. Using different social media platforms can boost your reach, too!

 We all know that video content is popular on every social media platform when it comes to performance and engagement. So, using it to your advantage can help broaden your reach and even encourage your social followers to subscribe to your channel. Also, whenever your video goes live, you can let your followers from other platforms know about it. You can create previews for each of your social media account that links to your latest videos, too.

Consider doing a live stream

Another going trend these days on social media is live streaming— and it’s a fad that isn’t going away anytime soon.

Various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Periscope are now finding ways to incorporate Livestream videos into their platforms. Although YouTube has been providing this option to its users for years, it has only started picking up steam recently. 

It’s only standard that things won’t go as smoothly at first. Remember that a considerable part of live video is that you’ll never know what’s going to happen next. The raw and unpolished nature of live streaming is what makes it more compelling to viewers. 

You can also use live streaming to engage with your viewers by conducting Q & As, webinars, and so much more. To get an idea of how it works, you can always tune in to YouTube live to get inspired.

Be smart about your content

Using holidays and other trends is also an excellent opportunity to create relevant content. Everyone knows how challenging it is to come up with content at times. So, using holidays, movies, and other trending topics for the month is a strategy that always seems to work.

Another way to come up with topics is by using evergreen content. A few popular evergreen contents are tools and resources list, instructional guides, tips and stat collections. Creating videos that fall into this category can have your subscribers return to it again and again. Also, evergreen content can rank well for years. Thus, increasing your channel traffic as well as boosting your SEO.

Check the community guidelines

YouTube has been starting to get strict with the content posted on its platform. Because of the rising number of underage users in their platform, YouTube has begun to crack down hard on content deemed as inappropriate based on their guidelines.

So, don’t attempt to post anything that you think isn’t appropriate for younger audiences. Doing so will only cause you to get flagged immediately. When that happens, you’ll automatically get removed from YouTube’s recommendation feature, which can affect all the marketing strategies that you’ve worked for all this time. So, if you’re unsure about your content, double-checking the community guidelines is a practical move. 

It’ll only take a few minutes to read the entire guidelines. So, take the time to browse through it so that you can get yourself familiarized with its parts.

Create high-quality videos

No one wants to invest their time watching low-quality videos. So, if you want to promote your channel, you need to make sure that your content looks professional before posting it. 

It will be helpful if you use a decent camera to record your shots. You should also check the sound before recording and learn some necessary editing skills while you’re at it.

Indeed, not everyone is born to be a filmmaker. So, you need to learn a few basic practices to help you get started.

One way to make sure that you have the best content is by using the right kind of music. Using one can help set your audience in the right mood while they watch your content. It can also help you convey the emotions that you want your audiences to feel. It’s an effective way to get your message across while building a connection with your viewers. Fortunately, we have the right type of source that can undoubtedly help you get inspired.

Get access to excellent music

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