All You Need to Know About Music for Facebook Videos

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Copyright infringement has always been an issue on every social media platform. That’s why some people would often experience having their videos on mute during the first second or so after uploading them on Facebook.

Repeated copyright violation can cause more penalties than you might imagine. You can get your account disabled or even entirely removed if the system found out that you violated the laws. That’s why it’s crucial to learn what you can do to ensure that you aren’t infringing copyright.

Any person or organization can file a copyright claim against an uploaded video if they claim that they have the copyright to either its video or audio. Fortunately, there is a way to get through it.

That’s fair enough if you don’t have the rights to the music for Facebook videos. But what should you do if you do?

What to do

If you get a notification saying that your video got partially muted because of its music, clicking the “Learn More” link will help you understand the reason behind it. 

At this point, if you don’t have the license to use the specific music for Facebook videos, the video will still get posted and muted during the parts that contain the music track owned by the composer.

But if you do have the rights to use the video, then you can click “Restore Audio” to get your video posted precisely the way it should.

Knowing more about copyright policies

For those who are rather new in the art of making content on Facebook, the social media giant has now introduced a strike-based system. It means that any content that went under the radar a few months prior can now get flagged for a potential violation. 

Once that happens, the video can either get stripped of audio or get the stream terminated instantaneously.  That’s why it’s crucial to learn copyright laws to understand what is and isn’t considered a violation. 

Music for Facebook videos is one of the most accessible kinds of content to identify, which also makes it one of the most commonly reported issues with copyright. That’s why it’s essential to learn about the platform’s policies to get yourself aware.

Under Facebook’s Terms of Service and Community standards, you can only upload content that doesn’t violate anyone’s intellectual property rights. So, the most practical way to make sure that you won’t violate any copyright law is to post pieces of content that you created yourself.

A practical way to solve copyright claim

Although attribution doesn’t excuse you from any copyright violation, it gives small-time musicians and content creators, to advertise their work. If you acknowledge their work, there’s a better chance that they’ll take the exposure while letting you use their composition. 

But you genuinely want to use copyrighted content on any of your future content, doing it the right way is the best choice. Getting a paid subscription is the best way to get access to hundreds of royalty-free music available online. You can even choose between pop, acoustic, and rock music for your future Facebook content.