Best Music for Youtube Intros and Outros

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Why your video intros and outros need music?

No one wants to watch boring and unoriginal content online. So, why not step up your content-making game by using the most compelling intro music that fits your YouTube videos?

The video intro gives your viewers an idea of what your video is about. That’s why adding original music to your YouTube intros is one of the best ways to catch your audience’s attention. 

Interestingly enough, it’s an ideal way to set the mood for your content, too. Using the same music for your video intros and outros on your YouTube channel can help create a brand that’ll undoubtedly aid you to leave a mark in the digital scene. 

But how do you start? Easy! Know your objectives.

Do you want to create a travel vlog and document all your latest adventures? Then you can try something from Hip-Hop and Dance music, which you can find in our Music for Travel Videos category.

If you want to inspire others to become a healthier version of themselves through your workout channel, then Rock and Electronic music will fit you best.

Or perhaps you want to create your own cooking show made from your mom’s recipe book, then the Acoustic music will be your secret ingredient.

Whatever your niche may be, using the right music can make or break your promising digital career.

You see, creating a YouTube channel requires more than thinking about the content that you want to post online. You also need to consider several different elements to make sure that you’ll stand out. 

What is the secret to perfect-sounding content?

YouTube may have its own free audio library accessible to everyone. But why would you want to have a piece of generic-sounding music for your YouTube intros and outros when you can have something completely unique? 

SoundHills provides royalty-free music in different genres and moods that can emphasize your intros and outros in any type of video content. What’s even great about it buying it once grants you the right to use it in an unlimited number of media products without paying any additional fees!

When you buy a royalty-free music track, you get the license to use it for both commercial and non-commercial purposes, including advertising and broadcasting worldwide.

Sounds amazing, right? But it doesn’t stop there.

If you produce a lot of video clips, you will need music not only for intros and outros but also for different scenes and transitions, which means you need a lot of music.

Especially for this occasion, we created a Royalty-Free Music Subscription that provides access to our entire music library at a bargain price. This means that you can get music for every taste, for any number of videos and at the same time save.

Still, thinking about the right music?

Listen to our music tracks now and see which ones will fit your videos. It’s time to make the right choice. Use only the best royalty-free music to amaze your audience and gain new subscribers.