Choosing Music for Real Estate Videos

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How Does Music Benefit Videos?

A growing number of real estate agents are now using videos to increase their sales. But how to make your videos about real estate more interesting and catchy? Background music can elevate the viewer’s experience to the next level especially when you know how to do it right. 

Making Do-It-Yourself Videos

There’s no need to worry about making high-quality videos right away. Despite the fact that it’s much easier to hire a videographer, there are many more cost-effective ways that you can do it on your own.

One way to do it is to record videos on your smartphone. Modern smartphones have good enough cameras to record high-quality videos during daylight. Not only is it inexpensive, but it’s practical, too. Meanwhile, if you have an extra bit of budget for some equipment, using a DSLR camera like Canon with a wide-angle lens is the best way to go. 

Also, you need various software applications to help you create attractive videos. For newbies, one good option is the Windows Movie Maker or Imovie on Mac. These are free software apps that you can download to create video content using photos and video clips that you took using your phone or pro camera. 

Choosing Between Voice and Music

As we all know, background music for real estate videos helps improve your potential clients’ overall viewing experience. For those interested in making one, choosing between narration or a piece of background music is ideal. 

For people who want to add a bit of regional charm into their videos, then doing the voice over is excellent. But for the rest who want to create something simple and effective, then text cues of the home’s details while the background music is playing can work just as well.

Finding the Right Music

Choosing the perfect music for real estate videos is easy, especially if you know where to start. We recommend using positive Corporate and happy Acoustic music with a bunch of acoustic guitars, piano, claps to arouse the warm feelings of your audience.

You can use YouTube’s free audio library in your video production. It is easy to browse through the library by filtering the search results so that you can find the music track that fits your taste.

Also, other free options are the public domain and creative commons. But each of them has its own nuances and is not always free as indicated. You can find classical compositions inside the public domain, which means that you no longer need to worry about copyright on composition but very often copyright on the recording is not free. In this case, you can try to find the author of the track to negotiate the rights for the recording. 

What about creative commons music, there are a few different licenses, but the main idea is that you should credit the author of the track in every video. As an example of this, you can use music tracks from our Free Category as long as you credit our website by putting the link in the video description. 

On the other hand, if you want some original music track for your videos, you can purchase a license. In this case, you are not required to credit the author but you should choose the proper license to cover your needs like the audience, territory, a number of videos, etc. and the price varies. 

SoundHills provides one Premium License which covers unlimited video productions, unlimited audience, worldwide, in perpetuity. That means you can buy it once and use a music track in every video you make at no additional cost. 

Affordable Way to Use a Lot of Music

If you want to make each of your videos unique and emphasize the seriosity of your brand, then you should use different music in every video. Luckily, it will not break the bank to gain access to quality music tracks. SoundHills offer the best Royalty-free Music Subscription that will give you unlimited access to the entire music library at no additional cost.