Choosing Music for Review Videos

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Aside from having great clips and excellent pictures, incorporating music into your video content is one of the critical elements that will help draw people’s attention to your project. But picking the right background music is a lot more complicated than what most people might think.

Scrolling through music sources like YouTube Audio Library can feel overwhelming, especially if they have hundreds of music tracks saved in their platform. So, how do you pick the perfect song for your project? One step is to focus on a specific genre of music.

How filtering music by genre can help

You can look at your video content as a blank accent wall waiting to get painted. Surely, you wouldn’t want to visit Home Depot and look at all the paint swatch displayed on their shelves.

Instead, it’s more practical to choose on color before you go to the hardware section so that you’ll have enough time to narrow the shades you want. The same concept applies when looking for music for review videos.

Using the filter option can help you sift through the entire collection and allow you to focus on the kind of tracks that you want for your videos.

Cinematic music

If you’re planning to create content to show off your sickening skater moves or any stunts that you know best, then you need to have a piece of equally compelling music to catch your viewers’ attention even more.

The cinematic music has everything you need to give your video a grand and epic feel. That’s why it is no surprise that every sportswear company uses this kind of music to build climax to its commercials. 

Corporate music

Meanwhile, for those who want to start their career as a YouTube content creator or wants to educate their viewers, corporate music is the best choice. It’s a kind of music genre that can add a bit of flavor to your video without making it over the top. It also has a welcoming rhythm that can keep your viewers interested in your project.

One reason why those who are on the lookout for music for review videos choose corporate music is its carefree vibe. That’s because most corporate music tends to have an engaging and inviting beat that often makes people want to see more of what you have to offer.

 It’s a perfect choice for those who want to try out whiteboard animation videos as well as product introductions.

Acoustic Music

Another music genre that most people are raving about these days is acoustic music. What viewers like about this kind of music is its warm tones as well as its relaxing rhythm. 

Acoustic guitars have a warm feel to them, which makes them perfect for inspirational and lifestyle videos. Like pop-rock music, it can be ideal for snackable social media videos, too!

Finding the right tune

Filtering music by genre is the perfect way to find the best background music for review videos. But you don’t have to limit your choice to just these three. SoundHills have hundreds of songs in all the genres that you can think of, which can certainly enhance your project mood, to please your audience.