Discover The Best Music For Travel Videos

monuments of different countries

There is not a doubt that everyone likes to watch videos. And one of the genres that most people want to watch are videos that they wouldn’t typically see in their day-to-day lives like travel videos. This kind of media content allows them to see places that they’ve never seen before. Even more, it lets them learn about other people’s cultures without stepping out of their homes. But how do you start making one from scratch?

Travel videos come in various forms. It can be a usual walk to the forest or even a vlogging style where you talk in front of the camera. But the hardest part about documenting your travel isn’t about the camera angle or the gadgets that you have, it all boils down to editing your videos.

Making an excellent travel video

Watch Several Travel Videos

One of the best ways to learn any craft is through observation and travel filmmaking is no different.  Most famous vloggers that you see now started by watching tons of travel vlogs until they get inspired to do their own.

Although it’s exciting to start looking at music for travel videos now, learning how to edit your videos and get some fantastic shots should be your priority.

Preparing Your Camera

Now that you’ve taken a look at some of your favorite vloggers’ best video content, it’s now time to fix your camera settings. Even if you have the best music for travel videos, your videos wouldn’t be as amazing as you want without the best shots.

So, try to fix the settings of your camera before your trip. See which settings work best for you and put it on default. Also, avoid making any changes to the settings that can affect the consistency of your footages.

Try to shoot footage for as long as possible so that you’ll have more material to edit. Doing so will also help you show as many scenes as you can to your audience, too.

Create a Story Using Music

Creating a narrative for your content can be challenging, especially when your travels are spontaneous. But if you want to create an engaging story, then spending time on research and planning can help. For those who don’t have the time and budget to scout a location, then shooting everything that comes with your travel can be a good alternative, too!

But do you know what can capture your audience’s even better?  It’s music.

Consider traveling to a distant island while having hip-hop music or dance music playing in the background. Using soundtracks that exude a positive and carefree mood can certainly excite your viewers, which leaves them wanting more.

Where to get the best music tracks?

YouTube is a great source to find free music, especially for beginners. But for those who want to create extra notch content for their channel, then finding the best source of music for travel videos is a must.

Fortunately, SoundHills has the most extensive audio library full of royalty-free music that you can use for any kind of content possible. What’s even great is that they also offer a subscription-based service that gives you unlimited access to any music track on the website that everyone can afford!