Selecting the Right Music for Vimeo Videos

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Music is an excellent way to connect to your audience on an emotional level. Even more, it can also be a quick way to establish positive connotations to a brand or its products.

Think of how all radio stations use jingles every time they open their shows. Observe how their jingles generate important emotions related to the show. Ideally, the music for Vimeo videos should create a good mood and give your target viewer a positive feeling.

How music affects your video

To get a better understanding of how music influences a moving image, try to imagine the time when silent movies were in their prime. If you think about it, they were successful in telling stories, even without any dialogue. They were able to convey emotions without even saying a single word. How? To simply put it, through music!

Video has always been a great way to express your thoughts through a visual medium. But if you observe the history of silent films, they often use music to convey the meaning of every scene. That’s because music has the power to make videos seem more beautiful and exciting. Even more, it brings out the mood and dynamism of the video, too!

Selecting the right kind of music

Most marketers would often commit the mistake of planning everything about their video except for the music.  However, doing so only leads to a bland and mundane project.

So, when you’re trying to plan your content, take the time to find the best music for Vimeo videos. Create a strategy based on the emotions that you want to convey. It can be funny, climactic, perplexing, or even entertaining.

Next, choose the right kind of style that will blend well with your video. You can choose between cinematic, electronic, or even rock music to make your projects enjoyable. However, don’t try to mix too many genres all at once. Instead, use short melodies to create different moods to make it appear cohesive.

Customizing the music with your audience

Although choosing the music based on your personality may sound like a great idea, doing it can alienate your target market. Thus, resulting in a less effective campaign. So, try to customize the music that you choose based on your ideal viewer.

 Most people in the younger generation would often choose the current song based on the charts. It’s ideal to choose an English song or an instrumental version of it if you want to gain a wider audience internationally. However, there are a few cases where non-English songs can work, too.

Mixing it all together

Now that you’ve finally understood how to choose the right kind of music, it’s now time to learn how to cut visuals and audio together.

Having the right kind of music for Vimeo videos play a crucial role in your budget. Although there are some free songs available online, it’s still better to buy licensed music to get access to the best songs and be safe.

Fortunately, SoundHills can give you access to the best royalty-free music tracks that will help you represent your brand. Filter through the library and see which songs would fit your taste.