The Main Impact of Music for Video Podcasts

Most people often think that the most crucial part of a podcast is the main content. But the truth is that the podcast intro is what gets your listeners interested in your every episode.

By creating a catchy podcast intro, you have a way to set the scene for your listeners to enjoy your content. Most professional sounding podcasts use a professional introduction in every episode. But as a budding podcaster, how do you know where to start?

Understanding what makes a good podcast opening

When creating an intro for your podcast, you need to consider the intro elements that you feel are important to share with your audience. There aren’t any strict rules when it comes to creating a podcast opening, but most podcasters often spend at least 30-seconds and 75 words to create their script.

If you’re a bit unsure where to begin, you can always listen to some of your favorite podcasters and observe how do start their episodes. Aside from using excellent music for video podcasts, they also leave out a couple of information that they think their listeners would like to know.

Primary elements of an effective podcast opening

To create an excellent intro, you need to understand a few key elements to make it a success. Besides having a script, sound FX, and voice talent, it would help if you also used a catchy piece of music for video podcasts to make sure that it’ll stand out. Positive corporate music and house music are some of the best genres that you can use if you’re looking for a carefree vibe.

Besides the music, you also need to ensure that you mention the podcast name, episode number, and title. Don’t forget to mention the hosts’ names and the podcast tagline, too! You should also include the introduction to the topic, the network ID, and, most notably, the sponsors. Meanwhile, if you create content meant for a mature audience, adding a disclaimer is also essential.

Presenting a topic

Besides using music for video podcasts, being clear about your topic for the episode is easy. However, making your viewers relate to it is the real challenge. Most aspiring podcasters often find it difficult to reach out to their target audience because they struggle to provide them with a topic that their viewers will find interesting.

One solution that the most notable podcasters do is to present a problem that their target audience encounters and offer a few viable solutions. You need to ensure that you mention the overall problem and that your podcast is here to help.

Need more help with your upcoming podcast?

If you’ve finally decided to become a podcaster, then you need to figure out a way to put your show ahead of others.

One way to make your podcast stand out is by using excellent music to hype your viewers. For those who have just barely started, YouTube Audio Library can be an excellent option for free music. But if you want to step up your content making game, then getting a music subscription is the best choice.