Why Do You Need Music For Instagram Videos ?

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Creating Instagram videos is one of the most effective marketing strategies that people use nowadays. Not only are they short, but you can also upload any of your content directly from your phone. Thus, giving you the flexibility to do your content anywhere you are.

Videos are turning to become one of the top contents shared on social media platforms because they provide brands with an easy way of marketing and showcasing their content or products. As you read along, you’ll learn a few practical tips to help you plan, shoot, and even learn how to choose music to create better Instagram videos for your followers.

Unsure how to create an Instagram video strategy for your channel? Read along to see how to make compelling videos that’ll undoubtedly get your viewers hooked immediately.

Creating a goal

Before you start shooting your video, it’s best to figure out your goals when it comes to your channel. Do you want to create a video so that you can get people to follow your account? Or do you want to help them learn something? Perhaps you also want to drive your viewers to your website to make a purchase, too.

Aside from getting the right music for Instagram videos, figuring out the purpose of your video is a must since it’ll affect the way you’ll shoot the video as well as the editing styles that you need to use. Even more, you also need to know the right tags so that you can get your target viewers’ attention.

Telling a story

If you want to get the right attention for your video, creating a story out of it is a practical idea. You don’t necessarily need to create a storyboard; all you need to do is to plan out your video to make sure that every second of your film counts.

So that you can best manage your time, you can divide it into three separate parts: beginning, middle, and end– and see how long you want each of these parts to last.

You can use pop, rock, and hip-hop music for Instagram videos to make your content catchy and full of fun. Next, include a call to action at the end of your video to engage your audience with your channel. 

Why your video needs music?

Both sound and music affect our brains. That’s because our brains’ auditory complex responds to sounds that we tend to recognize. So, when you hear a car’s horn or a bird chirping, you’ll automatically process that it’s a car and a bird, respectively. But music for Instagram videos influences our auditory complex differently. 

Listening to music has an immediate response to specific areas of the brain. It means that it can evoke different feelings and emotions depending on the tune or the melody.

Using music in your video

Not everyone has the gift of composing songs. That’s why they often look at the internet for something that can create excitement or deliver an impact on their projects. 

One useful source of music that you can look at is the YouTube Audio Library. It has a decent collection of songs that doesn’t come at a price. But if you want something better, then paying for a royalty-free music subscription is the best choice.